Monday, June 26, 2023

Favorite 5th grade books

This school year is over for us and these were the 5th grade reader's favorite books this year! 

Always, Clementine (secular)... Epistolary style, a chess-playing mouse! 

Baxter Family series by Karen Kingsbury (Christian)... Fifth (and final?!) book in the middle grade series starring Kari and Ashley. 

The Boy in the Alamo (secular)... I was so surprised that This was such a favorite but it was! This is a Good and the Beautiful book list offering.   

The Door in the Dragon's Throat by Frank Peretti (Christian)... Very thrilling + exciting- we'll be checking out the other 3 books in the series. 

Green Ember series by SD Smith (including spin-off series Tales of Old Natalia) (Christian)... Very adventurous and quest-y, this was a re-read multiple times! 

Medallion ... This was another one on The Good and the Beautiful Book List. The sequel (prequel?) wasn't enjoyed but this one was a favorite! 

My Name is Tani (Christian)... This is a chess + refugee memoir and, again, has been re-read multiple times. 

Secret Seven series by Enid Blyton (secular)... Another goody from the TGTB book list! We've read the first two of these fun mystery stories and look forward to reading more soon. 

Sugar Creek Gang by Paul Hutchens (Christian)... We've now read the first three and will keep going. I think they get a hair preachy at times but that didn't concern my kiddo at all. 

Sweet Home Alaska (secular)... Found via Read Aloud Revival and loved it! But we love nearly anything set in Alaska. 

The Three Investigators (secular)... Similar in feel to Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys mysteries, big hit. 

Trailblazer series by Dave and Neta Jackson (Christian)... There are a lot of these fictionalized missionary stories in this series but we haven't read all of them yet. 

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