Friday, July 21, 2023

5 things I've been loving


Cronometer... Wow, am I loving this thing! I'm seeing lots and lots of green bars (hitting the ideal values for various nutrients) with my smoothies each day but when I put in my previous standard American diet or paleo diet I see fat + protein but not anywhere near as my nutrients. 

Hanging out outside! What a gift 🙏 I have spent so many summers unable to even check the mail without getting sick but right now I can do 5-10 minutes with no symptoms, pretty wonderful! 

How excited my kids are for each new chapter of a story I've been writing for them. I normally don't really like to share my work before it's done but in that case it's been so delightful 💙 

Sharing a sheet! Every summer we yank the comforter off our bed and add a second sheet- one for him, one for me. It's the best way to keep bedtime a little cooler. We're nearing the end of July and we haven't even had to make the sheet switch yet! 

This song (Christian country!)

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