Saturday, July 1, 2023

Bookish links!

July new releases I'm excited about: The All-American by Susie Finkbiner // Where are Your Boys Tonight: An Oral History of Emo's Mainstream Explosion (Fun fact: I was pretty emo in high school, listened to all the emo music + wrote depressing poetry + had music note printed Vans slip-ons and a scene-kid haircut)

Check out my list of Christian fiction by location if you like to read books set wherever you're traveling or if you want to travel via books during your staycation!

8 tips for reading aloud to kids of different ages 

Love this Pride and Prejudice shirt and this Matthew 6:28 shirt (though I don't like to wear yellow) 

How do you feel about art made from carved up books

Blast from the past- Indie bookstores // Nature study // Little House 

Kids books made into movies (I haven't vetted these!)

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