Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Favorite 3rd grade books

All of this child's favorites were secular this time around. It makes me happy to see a good range of books mixed up in this list- mystery, historical fiction, general fiction, and nonfiction!

📕The Boxcar Children, especially #7 The Woodshed Mystery (secular, TGTB)... Classic mystery series perfect for this age! 

📗Brambly Hedge (secular, TGTB)... The cutest animals, love these stories! Many Charlotte Mason homeschool mama's sing this living book's praises. 

📘The Curse of King Tut's Mummy (secular, nonfiction)... A fascinating history story

📙Eagle Feather (secular, TGTB)... My kids seem to really love Clyde Robert Bulla's books. 

📓Finding the First T-Rex (secular, nonfiction)... Another fun history story. 

📕The Ghost of Windy Hill by Clyde Robert Bulla (secular)... And another Clyde Robert Villa! This is a fun story, slightly spooky but not scary. 

📗The Night Crossing (secular, historical fiction, TGTB)... WWII historical fiction! I would have loved this at this age, too. 

📘Puppy Place series by Ellen Miles, especially Mocha (secular)... These puppy books and others like them are a hyge hit around here. I find this particular series to be the least formulaic/ to offer the most variety. I haven't read all of them but I've never found one I didnt approve so far.

📙The Titanic Sinks (secular, nonfiction)... I definitely loved Titanic books at this age and so did my husband and all my friends! It's fun to see my kiddo interested in the same thing at the same age! 

📓Where are You Going, Baby Lincoln? (Secular)... This is a slightly more advanced continuation of the Mercy Watson series. Another big hit around here. 

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