Monday, July 10, 2023

Recently Watched

We watched a few movies we didn't end up approving for our family movie list but these ones were all okay! 

* We get all our movies as DVDs from the library so I don't know where these are available fro streaming 

Dolphin Tale (secular, kids)... Wonderful! I was happy with the content in this one and think it's a great watch for kids ten and older. We'll watch it as a family soon. 

Everybody's Hero (secular, kids)... Cute. There were a couple little things I didn't love for my five-year-old but overall, good family movie.

Left Behind (Christian, action/thriller)... We finally watched the Kirk Cameron version! Liked it, will watch the next two.

Return to Me (secular, romantic drama)... Because this woman has a big heart transplant scar she's embarrassed about, this was an un-physical romance. It was a good one, but probably just ideal for adults as it won't really interest teens.

Searching for Bobby Fisher (secular, drama)...  This (adult) chess movie was good and wholesome so we decided to watch it with our chess-obsessed ten-year-old, too. Led to some great discussion! 

Snow Babies (secular, kids, documentary)... I mean, cutest movie ever. Precious arctic animal babies, of course was a big hit with the whole family. 

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