Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Recent reads

I haven't been keeping up with my mini reviews very well lately, have I? 

Cold Pursuit by Nancy Mehl* (Christian, suspense)... This is my second Nancy Mehl novel (the other was Mind Games) and this lady can turn out a good suspense! If I'm being honest, I have thought both books were excellent but also had nightmares from both because I'm a pretty sensitive reader these days. Even still, I recommend Nancy Mehl for fans of suspense and especially for fans of FBI stories.

Fearfully and Wonderfully (Christian, nonfiction, science)... I am forever in awe of the human body and this book was so awesome! I also learned a lot about his work with leprosy. Didn't quite agree with a few things but overall found this so powerful and so fascinating!

Kabul* by Jerry Dunleavy (nonfiction, political science)...  This was my first foray into political science. The book was well-written and seemed to tell the story well. This just isn't my typical reading interest and I don't imagine I'll read another but it will be a good read for anyone with a political science interest!

Kingstone graphic novel Bible, volume 1... Initially LOVED using this but at the end of the day I'm a word girl. Glad to have this as a visual companion though.

Woven* by Meredith Miller (Christian, nonfiction, parenting)... This parenting book talks a lot about moralism (think legalism). It's a fine line to walk. I didnt agree with everything 100% but it made me think and reflect which is always a good thing!

The Ruby Moon (Christian, middle grade)... Book 2 in this series and I liked it. Intriguing for sure and I think this one had more faith content than the first (f I'm remembering right). Really having a hard time finding book 3 at a reasonable price though 😒 

Take Three and Take Four (Contemporary Christian fiction)... These were the last two books in the Above the Line series, another series in the Baxter Family saga. I enjoyed seeing them play out and I'm looking forward to the Bailey Flannigan series next!

A Time to Die by Nadine Brandes (Christian, dystopian, YA)... Good faith content, exciting + fascinating dystopian story that will intrigue fans of The Hunger Games and Divergent. Does contain violence.

Vanished (Christian, middle grade)... This Faithgirlz read was great, exciting and twisty. I wasn't expecting the way things panned out which is always fun. I put it in our 7th grade shelf. Will definitely try book 2!

* I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review. 

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