Saturday, September 30, 2023

Recent recipe homeruns

We are creatures of habit but lately my husband has been in the mood to try new things so I've been adventurous in the kitchen. 

My family and I choose to eat plant-based meals so that's what all of these are. I often borrow library cookbooks and let the family get excited to try a new recipe. Other times I Google whatever I'm looking for! These have all been big hits. 

Braised jackfruit stew from Practically Vegan 

Cake Batter Shake from PlantYou 

"cookie dough" dip


Raw Marinara from The Fully Raw Diet 

South of the Border pizza

Spicy zucchini dip 

stuffed mushrooms  

Tiramisu (this was our anniversary dessert so apologies if I've already shared it) 

I've also experimented with different greens in our smoothies (we are all fine with chard, red lettuce, and green lettuce now, some of us with larger quantities than others). Four smoothies we drink on repeat lately: Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie // Banana, Dragonfruit, cherry, berries, spinach // Banana, pineapple, kale, mango // Banana, strawberry, peach, raspberry, lettuce

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