Tuesday, October 24, 2023

5 things I have been loving lately

Autumn... Colorful leaves, sweaters and hoodies, pumpkin recipes, chilly mornings and nights, crisp air walks, pockets of calm spent curled up under a blanket with hot tea and a chapter of a cozy read. ๐Ÿ‚๐Ÿ˜

Heartland... Still watching and enjoying this horse ranch show that's so much more wholesome and appropriate than most modern TV shows. Heads up though- The Up version contains no curse words but the regular Canadian version has a few D words.

Indian food... my whole family is obsessed right now! We have tried maybe ten different dishes recently and can't wait to try more! We've gotten a few cookbooks from the library and look forward to making several dishes this fall and winter.

Loom knitting... I haven't been into loom knitting for years but now I'm enjoying making everybody a 100% cotton hat! I have forgotten how to do fancier cast-ons and turn heels for socks but I can still make a simple hat no problem.

Rebounding... Supposed to be amazing for the lymphatic system and I do feel pretty good after rebounding! But I also love that it's going to be such an easy way for us to move some energy out of our bodies when it's too cold to do much outside. 


  1. Hello Sarah! I am also enjoying autumn now. I also want to watch Heartland, but for some reason we have the 1 and 2 seasons available, and then only the last one. All other seasons are missing. But I watched "Searching for Bobby Fischer", a good film.

    1. I wish the other Heartland DVDs were available for you! I'm glad you liked the movie though!


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