Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Recently watched

 * We get all our movies as DVDs from the library so I don't know where these are available for streaming

📺 Alaska (secular)... Brother and sister are unkind to each other in the beginning and become loving + supportive by the end. I added this one to our list of 12-year-old movies

📺 Animated Family Tales (cartoon, secular)... We haven't yet watched all of these non-Disney version of the same fairytales Disney has put out. Kinda cheesy but my kids love them. Many contain battle scenes. Peter Pan still contained the same race issues that are concerning in the Disney version + Captain Hook says 'idiot.' I recommend you checking them out first, or at least watching them together.

📺 Balto (secular, cartoon)... Not quite the whole story (poor Togo!) But still, good clean fun.

📺 Heartland season 2 through 8 (secular)... Not perfectly clean as there are curse words (but not in the Up versions!) but overall very clean and wholesome for American TV.

📺 Matilda (secular)... Definitely not perfect but not as bad as I suspected! We put it on our 12-year-old list.

📺 Molly: An American Girl on the Homefront (secular)... I wasn't totally happy with the Molly books, though I don't remember why now, but I did like this movie for the 10+ crowd.

📺 Super Mario Brothers (cartoon, secular)... Battle scenes + Bowser says he wants to kill Mario, otherwise shockingly appropriate. No innuendo or potty humor that I noticed. I approved it myself and then everyone was so excited we watched it right after. I watched it two times in a row but still enjoyed it! 

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