Wednesday, January 3, 2024

5 Things I am Currently Loving

The fresh-start feeling that comes with a new year.

Snuggles. Snuggling my husband, snuggling my children, taking deep breaths and savoring each of them, walking away with an oxytocin boost and a deep appreciation for the precious up-close things. Cow-licks, freckles, a slightly crooked tooth, all of it 💙

My new socks! So incredibly cozy. I have two 100% cotton Smith & Rogue hoodies I love too so I'm officially a Smith & Rogue fan.

Getting to see other bloggers' favorite 2023 reads... Amy's // Christy's // Gina's // Janssen's // Lynn's 

Expensive yarn. It's unfortunate because I'm super into loom knitting right now but definitely cannot afford to be as into it as i want to be while using such high-quality fibers. My hat is the last one for me to make, unless my hubby decides he wants one after all, and then I plan to make cozy socks for all of us. I'd also love to make an Afghan and a cozy sweater out of these cozy fibers but yeah, right! That would end up being a $200 blanket! 

What's something you are currently loving?


  1. These socks are very cozy! I'm enjoying the New Year holidays now. For 10 whole days I can not go to work and be at home! Right now I’m enjoying the film “The Chronicles of Narnia” and the way my cat sniffles on my shoulder. And these days I like to walk around the festively decorated city, go to a bookstore and buy new books. I bought myself 4 books by Jane Austen and want to escape into the world of her novels.

    1. Ten days, very nice! Love your answers. Enjoy the Jane Austen!


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