Tuesday, January 23, 2024

5 Things I am currently loving

1- Snow crunching under my boots. This is one of my favorite sensory experiences and I look forward to it + love it every winter!

2- Planning a happy birthday with one of my dear ones! It's always neat to see how their tastes and interests have changed since the last year.

3- Have I ever mentioned here that I love freckles? Because I do. So much! It's so weird to me that so many women pay good money to hide the very thing I find so beautiful.

4- This deodorant. I have tried so many natural deodorant options but this is my hands-down favorite. It is winter in all fairness but still, I don't even reapply after rebounding. I just hop off the trampoline and get back to my day! 

5- Grace! I honestly messed with my own head quite a bit trying to do a "new year refresh" by eating all raw. It was so healing when I did it while sick + miserable, though mentally draining then too once I had eradicated symptoms, but doing it while not experiencing any symptoms was not good for me psychologically. I'm very happy to be back to my normal eating style- which is still so full of fresh and raw fruits + veggies anyway, but also contains yummy + nourishing cooked foods- but more grateful for grace even though I keep falling into the same restrictive cycles again and again. 😞


  1. Eating raw would be so hard because warm or hot food is so fulfilling. You can still eat clean though, even when not eating raw. I hope you're feeling better.

    1. It was hard in the summer time, when all kinds of fresh fruits were abundant! But it did eradicate my flare-up symptoms and the symptoms I just walked around with. I can respect that it is healing but it was still hard. But winter?! The third hardest thing 😆 I am feeling much better but still slightly food-anxious. Getting there though!


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