Monday, January 22, 2024

6 WFPB Cookbook Recipes We'd Like to Try This Year

What is WFPB? Whole foods, Plant based. You can learn more about that here if you're interested. 

Here's a recipe we'd each like to try this year.

Amaranth Crisps from Eat Better, Live Better, Feel Better... My hubby loves chips and crackers but also tries to eat oil-free. We've tried a few alternatives (flackers are meh, Mary's crackers are decent but pretty high calorie, and Edward & Sons are perfect ingredient-wise but require a dip to be delicious [I personally LOVE my hummus with them... One clove of peeled garlic, one can of drained + rinsed chickpeas, 1tsp onion powder, 1/2tsp taco spice blend, 1/4 cup salsa, just enough water to get it all to blend into a hummus]) but these seem worth trying.

Mint Icebox Cake from Babycakes... One of my kids thought this sounded delicious and wants us to make it this summer. This cookbook uses cooking oils and other ingredients we choose not to eat so I will be making adjustments.

Mushroom, pinto bean, and tomato pasta from The Vegan Family Cookbook... This one should be pretty quick and simple, especially because oil is the only element I'll be changing.

Pot Pie Soup from the Medical Medium Brain Saver Protocol book... I saw someone else talking about this soup online and it sounded so good to me! I've wanted to try it ever since so I'll be borrowing it from the library and making it some time this year. Probably in the fall 😊

Very Berry Waffles with Maple PB Syrup from The Colorful Family Table... Really, it's the maple peanut butter syrup my kiddo is after with this recipe since we are happy with our pancake and waffle recipes. Well, that's just peanut butter mixed with maple syrup so I think I can pretty easily oblige!

Whole Foods Any Fruit Crumble from The Vegan Family Cookbook... One of my kids wants to try this as a blueberry crumble. This cookbook uses cooking oils so I may be making adjustments. 


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