Friday, January 19, 2024

The actual reading I do in a day (for now)

6:45am... Bible chapter + a Christian nonfiction chapter while I sip my morning lemon water. Sometimes a chapter of a second (often secular) nonfiction if there's time before the kids are up. 

9ish am... Homeschool. I usually read bible + poetry or devotional + nonfiction to everyone, fiction read-aloud to everyone, history or science to everyone in that age range, and typically a buddy read with at least one of my kids.

1ish... I listen to part of an audio book while I work out (if you use my link to sign up for the Everand audio book app you'll get 60 free days and I'll get 30!) This is also when I grade the day's schoolwork and take care of a few chores but I try to squeeze in a chapter of my main fiction read before I start making dinner.

7:30... I read a bedtime book to my youngest. Sometimes other kids come listen, sometimes they don't.

8pm until bedtime... A) I hang out + chat with my husband and then read a few chapters in bed B) We watch something and I skim a middle grade novel + attempt to read a chapter of my fiction read before bed C) Hubs has something else going on so I read and write the night away

I do of course have other reading times pop up too. I listen to audio books when I get groceries and run errands, read when I'm waiting while the kids are at their activities, while making dinner if everyone else is preoccupied, etc. There have been seasons that gave me more reading time and seasons that gave me much less. This is just this season! 🤷🏼


  1. Hello Sarah! I really like your reading schedule. And I love your cozy photos with blankets. I also began to think that I need to read the Bible. I started reading it many times and stopped. I read the children's Bible, but not all of it either. It turns out that this is wrong: I love Christian literature, but I have never read the most important book of Christians. I want to make reading the Bible regular. Have a good day!🌹❤🙂

    1. Hi! I understand this completely. I made it a priority a few years ago but I don't always feel like it and I don't always love what I read! 🌩 but I am glad I have done it. I hope it ends up being a wonderful experience for you.


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