Sunday, June 23, 2024

10 books I hope to read this summer

Adventuring Together (Christian, nonfiction, parenting)... I heard about this one on a homeschool podcast. My default mode is to stay home as much as possible (ESPECIALLY during the heat of summer!) but I also think family adventures are really important so I force myself. I'm hoping this book gives me lots of good ideas and inspiration.

All That Really Matters (Christian, fiction)... I have been really fascinated lately by the concept of social media influencers (and the psychology... Of influencers themselves and of the collective herds of fans/followers and the collective herds of haters, so WEIRD!) lately. I've enjoyed a few fictional stories about them lately and I love Nicole Deese books so I'm excited!

Book Scavenger: The Alcatraz Escape (secular, middle grade)... Books 1 and 2 of this code-breaking adventure series were appropriate and a hit with my oldest so I'd like to finish the trilogy.

Evan Miller is Waking Down (Christian, middle grade, dystopian)... I always love a good dystopian and my oldest is interested in this one. It's about a 15-year-old though so it'll likely end up being more of a middle school read.

Jack Zulu and the Girl With the Golden Wings (Christian, middle grade, fantasy)... The new SD Smith book is of course on the list. We loved all the green ember books and we loved the first Jack Zulu book, too.

Move Your DNA (secular, nonfiction)... I have always believed exercise to be important for blood flow and therefore soft tissues, for heart health, for chemical/hormonal health, for bone and muscle health... Excited to explore a new angle because I love nerdy health science!

Pigture Perfect (secular, middle grade)... I actually find that cutesy books like this are often really bratty and just a general no for me but fingers crossed!

Stars of Alabama (Christian, fiction)... I LOVE reading books set in the south in the summer. This one is about a teen pregnancy + found family and has been on my TBR shelf for a few years now.

A Time to Speak (Christian, YA, dystopian)... Book 2 of a dystopian trilogy. I liked book one.

The Winter King (Christian, middle grade, fantasy)... I'm not big on fantasy but some of my kids are. This one had a very glowing review that sounded like a potential hit so we shall see! 


  1. I always make book plans, but then I find myself wanting something completely different and another book beckons. I have never completed my book plan. I'm glad you're back on the blog, Sarah!

  2. Welcome back! I've missed reading here. Ill have to check out the Nicole Deese book- I just finished The Roads we Follow by her and it was soooo good! Stars of Alabama is catching my eye too.


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