Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Home ec-ish books this homemaker is thankful for

I have been a homemaker since 2013. It is a role I love with all of my heart and have never once questioned, even when others were questioning that role for me. I never took a home ec class in school and have wondered many times if I was actually doing a good job in this role but this year I have found so much confidence and delight in simply saying the words "I'm a homemaker." 

I am the one who makes our house a home. 

Today I thought I would share a few books I have learned from and loved along the way. Some of these books are all about housekeeping or meal prepping while others encompass the role of homemaker in its entirety. Enjoy! 

Cozy Minimalist Home and The Nesting Place... Myquillin Smith's style isn't just like mine but I still felt quite inspired to craft home spaces we all adore after reading these books. 

The Honest Life... I read this book during the very beginning stages of my homemaker life and trying to get a better understanding of all the toxins in our homes and products today. This was a great stepping stone to a low-tox way of life for my family and me. 

How to Sew a Button... How to Sew a Button, fold fitted sheets, clean with vinegar + baking soda, and so much more! 

The Lifegiving Home and The Lifegiving Table... You all know I adore Sally Clarkson's books and these two are especially perfect for homemakers looking to be inspired about the kind of atmosphere they're desiring. 

Little House Living... This one was so perfect for me as a baby homesteader with a deep desire for natural living and I love all the recipes for natural home and body care, the pantry tips, and the adorable photos. 

Honorable mentions are Love Lives Here and When Less Becomes More since they both have such lovely things to say about making a house a home! 

I also love the podcasts At Home with Sally and The Titus 2 Minute. I've also shared favorite cookbooks and sewing books on the blog before. 

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