Sunday, March 13, 2022

Middle Grade March: The Serpent Slayer

This weekend I had the pleasure of reading The Serpent Slayer* and I'm so excited to introduce it to the Christian children in your life! 

I was so impressed with this powerful Christian middle grade novel! The riddles and adventure made this a fun (genuinely fun, not just "fun" in the way adults sometimes say to children!) way to bring several Bible stories to life with the overarching gospel thread running through them all. I was all too happy to hand this to my son and he immediately asked, "When does the next one come out?" 

This book will be a hit for boys and girls, I'd say with a 4th-6th grade reading level, who like adventure stories. This is not really a fantasy but since they travel back to Bible times it'll likely be a hit for fantasy fans, too. 

I do feel that this book will best be understood by children who already have a base knowledge of Adam & Eve, David & Goliath, Moses Parting the Red Sea, and Jesus's ultimate sacrifice for us. 

The siblings have a couple of very minor moments of annoyance or frustration with each other but are overall kind and respectful to each other. 

The one thing I didn't love was that the kids went into a nice older man's home without their parents' knowledge at the end. He was a complete stranger to them just hours earlier and that always bothers me in a children's book but I felt comfortable handing it to my son and simply saying "They go into someone's house without their parents' permission. Obviously don't do that." 

*I received a free copy of The Serpent Slayer from New Growth Press in exchange for an honest review. 

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