Monday, January 24, 2022

13+ more great reads for Black History Month

I shared a Black History favorites list in 2019 but I had enough books to add that I thought I'd just start a second list!

American Girl's Melody series... I really liked the faith and family values in the first Melody book, set during the Civil Rights movement. I have high hopes for book 2! 

Bad News for Outlaws... We were quite fascinated by the story of Bass Reeves, first black US Marshal, during our "wild west" American history unit. This picture book was a hit for my kids. 

Black Cowboy, Wild Horses... This is an account of Bob Lemmons and it was very well-done. Also a hit during our wild west unit. 

The Gold Cadillac... Mildred D Taylor is such a fantastic author. I really felt our main protagonist's stress which I think is impressive for such a slim chapter book.  

Mae Among the Stars... Love this Mae Jemison picture book and its beautiful illustrations! 

March... These three graphic novels by John Lewis are painful at times but so inspiring. I added them to our high school list since some illustrations will be uncomfortably graphic for younger readers. 

Ron's Big Mission... This is a great look at segregation and the voices it took to fight it on small-scale, local levels. 

Show Way... This is such a great look at how quilts were used as a map for escaping slavery. 

Uncle Jed's Barbershop... I particularly love the loving community spirit in this one, all about segregation and the extremely hard work it took to move forward.  

Up from Slavery... I never read this in high school so I finally read through it last year! I got the TGTB version with its lovely cover. 

What Were the Negro Leagues...  My son got really into baseball for a little while and we both enjoyed this one.

Who was Jackie Robinson... My son got really into baseball for a little while and we both enjoyed this one.

Who Was Jesse Owens... Not my favorite of this series but still a good read. 

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