Sunday, January 24, 2021

Historical Nonfiction TBR

Into the Unknown


- Bonhoeffer by Eric Metaxas... I have a general knowledge of Dietrich Bonhoeffer and find his story to be inspiring but I've never actually read or heard the full story!

-The Boys in the Boat... I got this in a Little Free Library exchange, like, two years ago. I've been excited about it anyway but now I'm super excited to read it when we watch the Olympics!

-The Family Romanov by Candace Fleming or Nicholas and Alexandra by Robert K Massie because my childhood love of Anastasia has kept alive a curiosity about the real story for all these years. 

- The Girls of Atomic City... Also a Little Free Library exchange pick I've had for two-ish years. I go through stages of really wanting to devour WWII nonfiction and not being able to stomach it at all. I think I'm moving back into a read-about-it-and-learn-from-the-past phase. Maybe, maybe, maybe this book will make it into my 2021 nonfiction selections.

- Into the Unknown... I snagged this Matthew Henson book in an amazing Good and the Beautiful sale and can't wait to check it out! I'm fascinated by stories of these old expeditions.

- Last Days series by Bill O'Reilly... After Sabrina talked about the grown-up up versions on episode 10 of my podcast I was so shocked and elated to randomly happen upon the young reader adaptations of the Jesus, Lincoln, and Kennedy books for NINETY NINE CENTS apiece!! This was a very exciting find for sure.

- The Touch of Magic & The Story of my Life... This Helen Keller & Annie Sullivan biography, part of the same Good & the Beautiful sale, is also on my shelf and making me very excited.

- The Tuttle Twins Guide to Courageous Heroes... I just flipped through this with A the other day and there are so many mini-biographies in here I can't wait to read! In fact... Boom, just grabbed it and added it to my morning reads stack. Mini biography each morning, don't mind if I do.

- Up from Slavery... Also from that delightful Good and the Beautiful sale! I've never read this one and have wanted to for a couple of years now so this one should be read pretty soon! Maybe. You know how the TBR list can move. It's a lot less like a numerical list, a lot more like the moving staircases in Hogwarts ;]

Friday, January 22, 2021

Grandma Sue

Ryan's grandma passed away Tuesday evening. Your prayers for a peaceful grieving process for the family are much appreciated. 

Grandma Sue suffered dementia and it was already knocking at the door when I met her. I don't think I ever got to know the true, vibrant Susan. But I did get to see glimpses of her. 

She loved art, music, board games, puzzles. 

She loved football, going out to eat, a well-decorated room. 

She had an eye for beauty, a heart for children, and a big singing voice. 

She broke every exercise date we ever made but never broke a single dessert date. 

She told me once that in her darkest days, her skin hurt. She said her skin literally ached for touch. 

She didn't feel good when she ate honey, she thought DVR was brilliant, and she couldn't resist curling up to read chapter after chapter of a good murder mystery by the fire. 

I feel sad-- how could I not?-- but also so happy for her. I know she's with Jesus (singing his praises louder than the angels) and I know she's hugging her mama again after all these years apart. 

My heart is filled with joy and I'm so excited for her having moved into this next big milestone. We're born, we roll over, we get a tooth, walk, read, lose the tooth, graduate, get married, have a baby, accomplish a dream, retire if we've been working, meet Jesus face to face. She's at the most exciting step of all.

But still, I'm sad for everyone left missing her down here. She's a beloved mother, sister, grandmother, great grandmother, and friend. She will be missed. 

Monday, January 18, 2021

Links That Make Me Happy


Links that make me happy...

I think Dude Dad is pretty funny and I was very excited to see that Chip & Joanna Gaines do too, so much that they've given them a show

My cute hubby ordered this writing book for me this weekend <3 

Aunt + niece/nephew pen pal cards... I know my kids would love doing these with their Auntie Shannon 

Ryan's family history includes John Smith, an underground railroad abolitionist, and a woman accused of witchcraft. We've been looking up our favorite stories and here's a super short blog post about the woman accused of witchcraft

10 tips to read more and read better 

I always love 10,000 Reasons but I've been really loving it here lately. 

Clean memes, you're welcome. 

Friday, January 15, 2021

My 2021 Cooking Goal

2021 Goal: 12 New Recipes

My sweet friend Mandy gave me a recipe for simple cookies by Emily Breeze and I had a blast taking it and making it my own. We made "Hippie Cookies" (our name for the version we created) every week in January, I made my own variation of a potato salad recipe I found online, I made taco seasoned jackfruit for our burrito bowls and barbecue jack fruit for sandwiches, and yesterday I made the chickpea cookie dough bites from Fiber Fueled.

I'm certainly no stranger to cooking but lately I've been enjoying following new recipes. I'm feeling a rare burst of kitchen adventurousness so I'm rolling with it and adding lots of new goodies to our kinda-tired repertoire. I set a goal for myself to try 12 new recipes in 2021 and so far I'm crushing it. This is good because I'll likely lose steam at some point and crave the comfort of familiarity again.

These are a few of the recipes I'd like to try...

- Acorn squash with cinnamon and coconut butter from Practical Paleo

- Caldo Verde from Forks Over Knives: Flavor!

- Creamy celery and cannellini bean soup from Eat Better Live Better Feel Better

- Double Chocolate Layer Cake from Paleo Kids Cookbook, but with vanilla almond lemon cream from Eat Better Live Better Feel Better!

- Garlic walnut cheeze from Eat Better Live Better Feel Better

- Give Peas a Chance Fritters from Paleo Kids Cookbook

- Lentil loaf from Forks Over Knives

- Paleo vegan samoas by Real Food with Jessica

- Russ's Flatbread from The Paleo Approach Cookbook

- Socca from Eat Better Live Better Feel Better

- Spinach artichoke dip from Against All Grain

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Bonus mini episode- The Christian Bookworm Podcast

I know I said we were on a break but sometimes I just can't help myself when it comes to chatting about good books! I've got a bonus mini episode for you today telling you all about the amazing homeschool book I forgot to talk about when I shared my favorite secular reads of 2020! 

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Episode 11- My Favorite secular reads of 2020 

The Call of the Wild + Free by Ainsley Arment 

AWANA... This is such a great program if you aren't already familiar with it!

Thanks for listening! 

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