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Episode 0- Trailer

Episode 1- Timeslip, healing non-fiction, and a children's devotional

Episode 2- PTSD fiction, personality frameworks, fruit of the spirit picture book

Episode 3- suspense, poetry, 5-star middle grade fiction 

Episode 4- epistolary fiction, missionary memoir, Thanksgiving picture books

Episode 5- Post-apocalyptic fiction, TV celebrity memoir, Thanksgiving picture books with Ryan

Episode 6- Christmas with Sara's mom, Cindy

Episode 7- timeslip, essay collection, TGTB readers 

Episode 8- Search and rescue, home management, TGTB picture books

Episode 9- Contemporary fiction, momoir, early readers you won't hate

Episode 10- Romance, history, and a picture book with Sabrina

Episode 11- favorite secular reads of 2020 

Episode 12- a haunting, an inspiring marriage memoir, and my favorite childhood series 

Bonus Mini Episode- My Favorite Homeschool Book! 

Episode 13- 1960s Detroit, happy marriages, and a creation board book 

Episode 14- time slip, encouragement for busy moms, a picture book with Amanda Wen 

Episode 15- Historical fiction, Enneagram, children's chapter books with Sara's son A 

Episode 16- Contemporary fiction, side hustle goals, middle grade! 

Episode 17- WWII time slip, loving your people better, the sweetest board book 

Episode 18- Miracles with Amber Van Linge 

Episode 19- Making a difference, saying yes, and rethinking parables with Peyton Roberts 

Episode 20- Season 1 finale, Q&A + listener recommendations with Ryan! 

Episode 21- We're back! 

Episode 22- Books my grandma loved 

Episode 23- Back to School 

Episode 24- Reading Discernment, Shana, Currently Reading 

Episode 25- Legacies of Love, TBR Fiction and C's new leveled reader favorites 

Episode 26- Historical fiction, history, true crime and dystopian with Tracy Stone Lawson 

Episode 27- Deep nonfiction and books set in Texas with Brenda McDearmon 

Episode 28- Christmas with Sara's mom, Cindy 

Episode 29- Books to support your 2022 goals 

Episode 30- My life as a book blogger, fiction in China, boundaries, the mark of the beast 

Episode 31- Contemporary fiction, medical technology, and a board book about God's love 

Episode 32- Deeper contemporary chick lit + allegory with Liana George 

Episode 33- lighthearted AND emotional fiction, healing nonfiction, and the perfect read-aloud for Easter!

Episode 34- What IS Christian fiction?, suspense, creative writing, and a sweet picture book

Episode 35- How I find new books, YA historical fiction fantasy, stretching my empathy muscles, a new middle grade adventure 

Episode 36- Bookish bad habits, WWII, celebrities, and a picture book explaining God 

Episode 37- A scandalous Christian-y movie, 80s teenage pregnancy, cancer, and biblical fiction

Episode 38- Sweet fiction, forgiveness after wrongful incarceration, and others' opinions vs God's opinions 

39- Multiple perspectives, brain science + faith, and a middle grade Bible study 

40- Listener recommendations! 

41- A bookish weekend, revolutionary war time slip, CIA memoir, and an inspiring little boy 

42- Re-reading, hurricane romance, savoring a slower life, and hope

43- New releases, fiction Narnia fans will love, travel, and middle grade historical fiction 

44- Currently Reading and Fantasy with James E Merritt 

45- Summer reading, suspense, hard nonfiction, and fantasy middle grade 

46- Family dynamics and read-alouds with Robin W Pearson  

47- Currently reading + what I'll read next

48- Ancient prophecy, dreaming big, and middle grade set in Scotland! 

49- Christy Awards, homesteading, a book about books, children's devotional 

50- Great depression and former slaves, parenting, and mini mysteries for the middle grade crowd 

51- Christmas! 

52- Christmas AND non-Christmas 

53- Liz Tolsma of Christian Historical Fiction Talk! 

54- Recommendations for your goals and intentions 

55- The Emily Episode... Great Christian books for teens 

56- Book judgers, suspense-but-not-suspense, mom standards, and a beautiful special needs picture book 

57- If you liked that, try this! 

58- An author I'm loving, Heaven, and human cloning?! 

59- Home library, historical suspense, Christian celebrities, and allegory

60- Listener recommendations 

61- Time slip, people, and a curse! 

62- Way too many books

63- legal drama, discipleship, dystopia 

64- Fictional Pirates, Introverts, Prayer 

65- Listener recommendations 

66- Christmas 2023

67- New Year Reading Goals

68- Diversity, female friendships, Israel, pirates 

69- Allegory, Privateers, Memoir, Humility, and Orphans 

70- The FINAL episode!