Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Tot Travels: Trinidad, California

Trinidad favorites with kids:
-View Crest Cabins… We had a nice studio-style cabin with a king-sized bed and we put the kids in toddler cots at the foot of our bed. We woke up each morning to three children between us ha ha. We brought a toaster oven and rice cooker from home because we didn’t want to risk cross contamination (some of my family has Celiac Disease) and it worked out pretty perfectly, especially when we found Eureka Natural Foods to supplement what we’d brought from home. There was a really nice deck off the back of our cabin where we ate a few meals with my in-laws, and it was the perfect place to end the night relaxing after a long day of hiking and exploring. 

-Proximity to the Redwoods!

-Humboldt State Marine Laboratory to see the “aquarium” tanks before heading down to the beach

- Trinidad State Beach. I personally am not much of a beach person, and especially with kids (sand for days!) but it was great just to go and see it, dip their toes in the water, and let A bring home a seashell as a souvenir. =]

-Eureka Natural Foods, which was actually in McKinleyville. We picked up a lot of groceries from here on one of the nights, then all ate breakfast there on our last morning together before hitting the road.

Homeschool/Roadschool books we enjoyed before/during this trip: The United States of America: a state-by-state guide // Are We There Yet? // Are We There Yet, Daddy? // Bon Voyage, Lucy // Olivia Takes a Trip 

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