Friday, October 18, 2019


A few of you don't follow me on Facebook or Instagram so I'm sharing a few photos from recent adventures I haven't yet shared here!

Bozeman, MT!
Great chai + coffee, the coolest little bookstore,Museum of the Rockies- such an awesome museum!

More Bozeman... Mostly the food. Red Tractor Pizza was yummy, the dinosaur park was super fun, the peanut butter sundae at Genuine Ice Cream was delightful, and the cinnamon bun at Sola would probably have been delightful in person but was honestly not spectacular taken home and heated up the next day.

Coeur d'Alene, Idaho! McEwen Park, Bakery by the Lake, Triple Play, The Well Read Moose, downtown CdA including Fort Sherman Park

Spokane, Washington... Mobius Children's Museum, Mobius Science Center, Auntie's Bookstore!

More Spokane... Uncle's Games (next to Auntie's Books), Boots bar + gf-vegan bakery (peanut butter cupcake was our unanimous favorite), and the traveling show Jurassic Quest! This is only in Spokane once a year and we were so glad we made the trip!

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