Friday, October 4, 2019

My Day in Haikus

Bible study time.
Prayer, journal, yoga.
Best start to my day.

One kid peed the bed.
Then a second kid did too.
What is this life, y'all?

Sisters coloring.
Learning about Saint Patrick.
Homeschool- such a gift.

Lunch and read-alouds.
Leftovers, broccoli, grapes.
Stack of picture books.

Notebook, tea, and pen.
I should be doing laundry.
Haikus are too fun.

Squandering nap hours.
Why am I writing haikus?
Only God knows why.

Only God Knows Why...
Remember that Kid Rock song?
I liked it. Teen angst.

Afternoon- round two!
Pretending to be their cat.
Motherhood's so fun.

Snuggling baby girls.
Pretending I'm a T-rex.
The best parts of life.

Callused hands, dirt, grease.
Laughter, warmth, chest feels like home.
I love my husband.

Kids are in their beds;
Just me and a good book now.
Ready to relax.

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  1. Thanks for finally writing about >"My Day in Haikus" <Loved it!


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