Sunday, December 8, 2019

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Color Me Confident… I actually really liked Color Me Beautiful and slowly changed my wardrobe to better suit my skin tone because of it. This book goes over all of that in great detail, but more importantly, it helped me figure out what clothes I can wear to feel better in my body. I’ve done a lot of work in this area this year and I’ve not only accepted but have also come to like my body, for the first time in my life. But I find that I like the way I look when I’m at home in leggings and a hoodie, but often end up disappointed when I put something on to go out. I’ve also always been disappointed on shopping trips and now I better understand what clothing will fit my body and how to wear it. The downside here is that I’m suddenly seeing pieces all over the place that would work great for my body, and usually even in a color that works great for me… but I can’t buy any new clothes at the moment! If you ever struggle to figure out what to wear or how to wear it (or would just generally like more appearance confidence), I definitely recommend this book!

Journal Me Organized… I have always loved journaling and I’ve always loved planners. They handed out planners on the first day of sixth grade and I just about lost my mind with excitement. They were beautiful, just beautiful! Journal Me Organized is a really fun way to see the way the author handles her own blank/bullet journals and creates a system while simultaneously brightening up her planner with color and art. I have to admit that I’ll never incorporate 98% of this and will always love the clean lines of my plain planner, but I did add a few of the colored stickers from the back for the first time ever after reading it so it clearly inspired me a smidge. Mostly, it was just beautiful and I really enjoyed looking at all the pretty pictures.

The Path Between Us and The Road Back to You… I have already read and reviewed these books here but I read the Nine chapters again now that I know I’m a Nine rather than a Six. Y’all, these books really are gold. I thought they were good when I read them the first time because a lot of the six stuff resonated with me… but the healthier I got, or in other words the further I moved from my disintegration-into-Six, the less it all rang true. The ten paths for spiritual transformation and the relationship tips in the Nine chapters all resonated so well with me and I can’t wait to re-read a few of the others I read when I was focused more on the Six instead of Nine chapters! I also had to re-learn about the intelligence centers because it turns out I’m the repressed type in the body center instead of the thinking center!

A Small Book for the Anxious Heart*… This great little book was a very quick read (small book is not an exaggeration) and had so many helpful messages for those who battle anxiety. I often find Biblically-based texts on anxiety to be unfortunately unhelpful, to essentially admonish the person with anxiety and provide very little in the way of actual help but this one wasn’t like that. These little lessons even go so far as to address that phenomenon at times, encouraging you to forget about your response last time you heard this verse and instead _____. I also always love a book with a few questions at the end of each reading because that self-reflection, for me, is the best way to get the point to actually start sinking in. It isn’t a magical cure—though it also never claims to be—but it is extremely helpful, comforting, and understanding. This is a great, comforting little resource for anyone who struggles with anxiety.

The Wedding Dress Christmas… Oooooh I loved this book! I’m really not at all a romance reader but this one was so well-done! I was hooked right away and desperate to know what exactly happened to JoJo in Dallas, I was eager to see Buck and JoJo end up together, and I was excited to see The Wedding Dress mentioned in snippets because I always love when some of my favorite characters from an author’s book end up in another of their works. Also, it seems I really love stories set in the south.  

*I received a free copy of A Small Book for the Anxious Heart from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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