Friday, May 15, 2020

Children's Graphic Novels I Love

Waaaay back in the day I had a great love for the Betty and Veronica comic books staring me in the face while my poor mom just tried to pay for the groceries in her cart. My brother went on to become an even bigger aficionado and now my seven-year-old is finding great love for graphic novels.

These are some kid graphic novels I have really enjoyed.

Action Bible- I've talked about this graphic novel bible story here before but I'm still a fan. Some people have reviewed it negatively since it's a bible story book instead of a bible but I love it. You can easily read straight from the Bible and let your kids explore this book to help the story come alive.

Book Love- I adored this fun and funny book of cartoons about book lovers. It's probably meant for adults but since it's perfectly appropriate and just a fun book about loving books (cartoons showing a girl stopping at the bookstore just after leaving the library or devoting an entire suitcase to vacation books, for example) I passed it on to my advanced reader son who loved it just as much as I did.

Boxcar Children- We're big fans of the Boxcar Children in this family and the graphic novels are a fun way to re-explore the same stories we already know and love.

Comics: Easy as ABC- this one is more of a how-to for kids who'd like to make their own comics but it's filled with fun cartoons and recommendations. I think this is probably best for kids with a 4th grade + reading level. A is seven and can read complex things but really skimmed this one despite his burgeoning interest.

Epic Bible and Epic Devotions- I like these just as much as Action Bible but feel like this one is slightly younger... Maybe 4th grade?

Good Rosie- We already liked Kate Dicamillo for her Mercy Watson series but this simple, short-but-sweet story of a lonely dog was A's favorite read this week. I'd recommend it for readers with a 2nd grade reading level.

The Hobbit- I actually won't give this to my kids until they're teens and have read the original but the illustrations in this Hobbit graphic novel are just delightful! Except Gollum 😉

Little Robot by Ben Hatke- This is a wordless graphic novel but that makes it perfect for beginning readers learning to piece a story together with context clues. You could give this one to a kid of any age. I believe A was three the first time we checked it out!

New Kid- This is a fantastic book for 5th or 6th graders. This is just a fun look at all kinds of awkward middle school issues, but we also get to see a few gentle examples of microracism. I enjoyed this one and am looking forward to the sequel!

White Bird- This is marketed as a middle grade novel and I've heard it recommended for 5th and 6th graders. I positively adored this book but I do NOT recommend it for that age group. I added it to my list for 8th grade. This is a beautiful WWII story, which regular readers know I'm a sucker for, but it touches on many different themes and is just so well-done! 

Aaaaand a few on my list, some I haven't yet read but plan to read: Anne // Benjamin Bear // Class Act // El Deafo // Hansel and Gretel

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