Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Christian fiction told from multiple points of view

Maybe it's the Enneagram 9 in me but I just love a story told from multiple points of view! Here are ten Christian fiction books/series that tell you a story from two or more perspectives. 

Happy reading! 

The Alliance... Trigger warnings for this one, an edgier apocalyptic story told from the viewpoints of Amish Leora and Englisher Moses. This one isn't for everyone but I enjoyed it and its sequel, The Divide

The Baxter Family series... I adore this series (which starts with Redemption) about the whole Baxter Family! This one dives headfirst into tough topics and won't shy away from making you sob! 

The Haunting at Bonaventure Circus*... This mysterious Wisconsin-based timeslip is about a serial killer, a young woman connected to the circus in 1928, and a modern day single mother who is battling an autoimmune disease while dealing with the new (and possibly haunted?!) property she just purchased. We're getting the first half of the mystery from our 1920s character's perspective and the second half from our modern character's perspective. Good stuff!  

Hidden Among the Stars... I adored this WWII time slip! Mystery, scandal, bookshop, books, finding confidence, hope and triumph in the face of tragedy... I still think of this one often! Half of the story is told from our WWII heroine's perspective and the other half is from our modern day protagonist who is piecing together the story. I love time slips! 

The Love Letter... This is the story of an actress and a screenwriter trying to tell the story behind a Revolutionary War-time love letter with very little information under their belts! Romantic stories are never my favorites but I did like this one (she's a great writer) and it did indeed help this time period come alive for me! 

More Than We Remember*... I really liked this one! The story is about three women and the way their lives are intertwining through a drunk driving accident. The characters felt very real and the engaging story felt a lot like a Kristin Hannah book. 

The Nature of Small Birds*... What I really like about this book is that it's essentially a story about Money's adoption (and other big life events) told from the perspective of everyone but Mindy! She was adopted through the Vietnam Babylift in 1975 and we see her story playing out through her mom's eyes in 1975, her big sister's eyes in 1988, and her father's eyes in 2013. 

Roots of Wood and Stone*... I absolutely adored this romantic time slip, especially the rich family history thread, and would recommend it to any timeslip fan. Sloane shows us her search for her birth family and her budding feelings for a new guy while we explore historic family journals with them... Delightful! 

The Time Keeper... This one is all about Father Time, a teenage girl, a dying old man, and their exploration of the concepts of time + the meaning of life! I was deeply moved by this one. 

Though I Stumble... Kim Cash Tate did such a great job here! We've got women from different walks of life working through different things, all brought together through the common bond of a Christian women's retreat. I couldn't help but root for all of them! 

The Wedding Dress... Think The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, but with a wedding dress instead of blue jeans! Set in Alabama, this delightful time slip novel follows three different women with different bodies for whom this wedding dress fit perfectly with no alterations. They each have very different life circumstances and the dress seems to find each of them... The audio version was wonderful! 

When Twilight Breaks*... This delightful WWII Christian fiction, sent to me by Revel in exchange for an honest review, was my first time reading a Sarah Sundin novel. I loved it! This is a straight historical fiction and despite my infatuation with time slips here lately I adored being in Peter and Evelyn's story the whole time. Peter and Evelyn are both Americans in Germany and Evelyn is there as a foreign correspondent. I was a journalism major in college and never found that idea appealing but if I'd read this book at the time I might have had a different opinion! Evelyn is a strong, independent woman and Peter is respectful and enchanted by these traits so this book will likely be a great fit for readers who like heroines fitting that bill.  

*I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review. 

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  1. I need one for 7th grade, christian/clean, multiple POV. These all sound more geared towards girls... please send a suggestion bc i need to buy a class set asap


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