Thursday, October 21, 2021

9 Microbiome books I love

Fiber Fueled... This one is my very favorite! This explains the microbiome in easy-to-understand language, offers a ton of information for healing your gut enough to actually rebuild a healthy microbiome, and includes a meal plan + many recipes in the back. This one is primarily vegan but you can still follow this great real food advice + meat if you aren't! 

Follow Your Gut... This was the first grown-up one I read, based on a TED Talk. This one is very short but a quick, snappy read you'll understand no problem. 

Happy Gut...  This book is a lot like Fiber Fueled but leans more paleo than vegan. Lots of great microbiome information + meal plan and recipes in the back! 

The Human Microbiome... This one is geared towards I'd say middle schoolers. While I did like it just fine, I think it's probably my least favorite on this list. 

Let Them Eat Dirt... This one is primarily geared towards parents wanting to set their kids up with healthy biomes, however, I personally think it's a great read for anyone who is interested in seeing the ways his or her own biome was shaped in childhood and getting ideas for healing it. 

The Magical World Inside of You... This rhyming board book is actually the very first microbiome book I ever read. My kids and I truly adore this one and it got the whole family (especially me) curious!  

The Psychobiotic Revolution... So fascinating- the microbiome + mental health! I learned a ton from this book but it's a bit more technical (though still quite readable) so best suited for those who are especially interested. 

Tiny Creatures... This picture book explains the biome in such a simple but informative way! We love this one. 

Turtles All the Way Down... This one has inappropriate language all throughout but it's a well-written YA fiction novel in which one of the characters suffers from a mental health disorder (I no longer remember what) and an unhealthy obsession with the microbiome. 

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