Monday, January 31, 2022

Bookish links, February 2022

I am not a wallpaper person and this looks like a misalignment disaster waiting to happen but this wall of books look is admittedly pretty cute. 

Rooted and Grounded has a line of home decor featuring Karen Kingsbury quotes. I love it! 

A few books recently added to my to-be-read list: Wrapped in Rain // A Time to Die // Yours is the Night 

Did any of you ever watch the Bates family- friends of the Duggars? I really like Erin Bates Payne and I loved this video explaining her reading routine

I use my library's Libby app for audio books but I'll eventually tap out their Christian book selection and then I think I'll try Christian Audio

I stumbled down a rabbit hole when I finished my book in the dentist's waiting room... First, a Christian perspective on loving your neighbor via Little Free Libraries (which are apparently under attack), a viewpoint of slipping Christian books into a LFL like a modern-day Apostle Paul, and how God is using a Little Free Library in Mexico. Then, an atheist discussion on removing religious books + paraphernalia from Little Free Libraries + multiple articles and forums on the same subject I won't share as they're filled with foul language and even leud or violent suggestions. I was trying to see if there was a specifically Christian LFL anywhere near my dentist office, wondering if that's a thing, but instead I discovered a mini civil war. 

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