Monday, January 10, 2022

Homeschool Science: The Brain!

We recently had a blast studying the nervous system with a big emphasis on the brain! These are the resources we most enjoyed. 

🧠 10 Foods to Improve Your Brain Health... We read about ten specific foods for brain health and made sure to incorporate several of them into our lunches throughout this unit. 

🧠 Baby Brains... A just-for-fun picture book about the (fictional) world's smartest baby.  

🧠 Brain model... We used gluten free Play Doh instead of fondant, still awesome! 

🧠 Indescribable (and How Great is Our God)... We love these science devotionals and specifically sought out brain-themed pages. There weren't many but that's okay! 

🧠 My Brain Won't Float Away... This fun picture book is a really well-done explanation of hydrocephalus just for kids! 

🧠 My First Book About the Brain...  This book is also a coloring book. We would read a page and then they'd color it, and now they love that we have a book they colored themselves! 

🧠 Professor Noggin's The Human Body... This is not brain specific but we love this human body trivia game for all human body systems!  

🧠 Sid the Science Kid: Now That's Using Your Brain... We love Sid and this is a good one. A has outgrown Sid but he humored me. 

🧠 Your Fantastic Elastic Brain... A great picture book explaining how to strengthen our brains through learning new things! 

I also have lots of fun grown-up recommendations for you! It turns out I love this subject. 

🧠 The Aging Brain... Protecting your brain from Alzheimer's, Demetia, and general brain-specific aging concerns. Fascinating stuff! 
🧠 Anxiety is Really Strange and Trauma is Really Strange... These are like comic books explaining anxiety and Trauma in easy-to-understand language. So helpful! 
🧠 Brain Rules... (I also loved Brain Rules for Baby when I was pregnant with Baby A!) I really enjoyed both of these and Ryan and I enjoyed watching the accompanying Brain Rules DVD with A, although we did skip a section about reproductive instincts. 
🧠 Unreasonable Hope... this fantastic Christian Memoir is written by the father of a little girl named Georgia who is born with the rare anomaly called Smooth brain. Our brains are wrinkled little organs but George's does not contain those oh so important wrinkles. I learned a lot about this subject but even more about faith. One of my favorites! 
🧠 Waking the Tiger... this one also specifically deals with trauma and Trauma recovery. I found it so fascinating and helpful.

Our next science unit: Ecosystems, courtesy of The Good and the Beautiful

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