Friday, March 18, 2022

Middle Grade March: historical fiction favorites

Bicycle Spy... WWII resistance, always a favorite theme for me. I listened to this one as an audio book  

Caddie Woodlawn... I didn't like this Pioneer story as much as I liked Little House but many others prefer this one. 

Code Talker... This is like a fictional memoir about the Navajo Code Talkers of WWII. I forgot a few times that it was fiction! Ideal for your older middle grade readers. 

Echo... One of my very, very favorites! Multiple WWII stories that all the together in the coolest way. So we'll written! The audio book is awesome, too. 

Esperanza Rising... Set in the 1930s, this one is about a wealthy Mexican girl whose family is forced to flee into a much less affluent life. I adored this book when I was in middle school. 

Hunger Winter... WWII, 13-year-old big brother making a daring escape with his little sister. I was such a huge fan of this one! 

Lemons... This is set at the end of the Vietnam war but admittedly has nothing to do with that until basically the end. It's still a delightful story about some kids working through their pain and searching for Big Foot! A and I loved this one. 

Little House series... I've read these classic Pioneer novels so many times I've lost count! Be aware that Ma is racist against Native Americans. 

A Long Walk to Water... This was a powerful story about the Lost Boys of Sudan I liked so much more than I ever imagined I would! 

Orphan Train Girl... This is a young reader edition of the adult novel Orphan Train. I haven't read that one but I loved Orphan Train Girl! 

Riddle of the Prairie Bride... This is my favorite of the American Girl History Mysteries so far, about a mail order bride who might not be who she claims to be. 

The Sign of the Beaver... I really enjoyed this story about a pioneer boy on his own and the companionship he finds in a Native American boy. 

Sisters in Time: Emma's Secret... This is an interesting fiction about the Cincinnati cholera epidemic. I'm weird so I read it in March 2020. I look forward to reading more in this series, all set in different moments in history. 

Star in the Storm... All non-sheepherding dogs have been banned in 1912 Newfoundland. When a steamer is at risk of sinking, Maggie knows her secret dog Sirius could help. Does she dare risk his banishment by bringing him out to help? 

Toliver's Secret... A and I read this Revolutionary War story with his TGTB History 1 and we really enjoyed seeing this young girl's adventure as she attempted to deliver a secret message over enemy territory. 

Twenty and Ten... This is another WWII story, about a group of school children who have agreed to hide Jewish children and must think quickly when they're separated from their teacher and questioned by Nazi soldiers. 

Words on Fire... A Lithuanian girl and her family work to save banned Lithuanian books when Russia occupies their country and forbids the Lithuanian language in verbal or written form. 

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