Friday, April 29, 2022

Christian celebrity memoirs

Sometimes these are rich and meaningful. Sometimes they're just fun, easy reads. Either way, I've surprised myself with how many of these I've read and I thought I'd share them here today.

20 and Counting... I loved watching the Duggar family when they were on TV. None of these books dive into the scandal but Jinger's book lightly mentions it. (Also check out A Love That Multiplies, Growing Up Duggar, and The Hope We Hold)

Box of Butterflies... I have been following Roma Downey since I'm excitedly waiting to see the Baxters TV show air. This book doesnt talk about that but I really enjoyed learning about her and now I'm excited to try out Touched by an Angel, too! 

Courage to Soar... This is Simone Biles' Olympian origin story. I listened to the audio book and I thoroughly enjoyed it! 

I Can Only Imagine... This is the powerful story of MercyMe frontrunner Bart Millard and his father overcoming addiction. Loved it and loved the movie! I also love the song. 

First Things First... I read this memoir by Arizona Cardinals' Kurt and Brenda Warner while living in Arizona, I believe in 2010. I was fascinated by their big family systems and I'm excited to check out American Underdog

The Magnolia Story... I really enjoyed watching Fixer Upper and have enjoyed all three of the Gaines' grown-up books. (Also check out Capital Gaines and No Pain, No Gaines)

Soul Surfer... Bethany Hamilton was attacked by a shark while surging a lost her arm. Her faith story is so powerful! 

Strong & Kind... I never actually loved Duck Dynasty but I've still enjoyed quite a few of the Robertson family's books, especially Strong & Kind. (Also check out Blessed, Blessed, Blessed; The Good, the Bad and the Grace of God; The Women of Duck Commander; Young and Beardless)

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