Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Earth Day picture book favorites

My Earth philosophy is pretty simple. 

Genesis 2:15, NIV, emphasis mine... "The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it." 

The Earth is God's creation and he wanted man to take care of it! 

It seems simple to me so this is what I teach my children: it's our job to take care of the Earth, the people, and the animals who live here... And besides, we live here! We don't want our house or our planet to be a toxic wasteland. 

These are some books that either inspire our love for nature or encourage us to do more to care for it. Just in time for Earth Day 2022, April 22nd!

All Things Bright and Beautiful... This is the simple and lovely words by Cecil Frances Alexander, but with precious illustrations that make us a smile. A favorite for the younger crowd!

Beauty and the Beak... This is a fascinating true story about a wounded eagle missing part of its beak and the lengths some amazing animal lovers went to help this eagle. 

Compost Stew... This is a great read for any young gardener but it also helps explain the fascinating way Earth takes care of rot. 

Dianna Hutts Aston books... These nature-themed picture books are informative and gorgeous! We love all six. A Beetle is Shy // A Butterfly is Patient // An Egg is Quiet // A Nest is Noisy // A Rock is Lively // A Seed is Sleepy // 

God Gave Us the World... My favorite of this God Gave Us series, showing all the unique wonders God placed all over the world. 

Jason Chin's beautiful Redwoods (we read this before our Redwoods trip!) and Grand Canyon books are beautifully illustrated and so engaging + informative at once! 

Listen to the Language of the Trees... A very cool explanation of the messaging system of a root network in a forest. 

The Lorax... A classic, a little creature who speaks for the trees and a tale of what happened in a town where the trees, air, and sky were taken for granted. 

No Monkeys, No Chocolate... I love this nonfiction explaining the ways things all work together... Specifically focusing on how monkeys are so necessary for us to be able to eat chocolate!  

Outside Your Window... This book of nature poems was such a delight! Divided up by seasons, it's one to turn to all year long. I also loved Song of the Wild, about animals. 

Usborne's Shine-a-Light series... I grow a little weary of the flashlight element of these books (you hold a flashlight behind a page to see what's inside/underneath something on that page) but my kids never tire of them! There are so many to choose from! Secrets of Our Earth // Secrets of the Apple Tree // Secrets of the Vegetable Garden // Secrets of the Rain Forest // Secrets of Winter 

Wangari's Trees of Peace... This is a true story about a woman seeing a problem (all the trees in her native Kenya village were cut down) and taking action! (Planting new trees and paying Kenyan women to do the same + Keep the trees alive)  

We are the Water Protectors... A powerful Native American story about keeping our water clean! 

I have more nonfiction picture books listed here, many of which are nature-themed. 

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