Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Author/Illustrator Spotlight: Jan Brett

All of us enjoy Jan Brett's illustrations but my littlest (an avid animal-lover with a heart for bright, detailed illustrations) is the biggest JB fan! These are just a few of her many books we've read and loved. 

Annie and the Wild Animals... Annie is searching for a new pet and we love the way this story ends. 

Armadillo Rodeo... A spirited little armadillo thinks he's following an adventurous red armadillo around which leads to some fun. 

Gingerbread Baby... A mischievous little gingerbread man--baby--who makes my children giggle.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears... The same classic tale you know and love, but with Jan Brett's signature illustrations! 

The Hat... This Hedgie story, about our beloved hedgehog finding a hat, is another favorite!

Hedgie Blasts Off... This hedgehog-in-space story wasn't my favorite of hers but it was a hit with my little boy. 

Honey, Honey, Lion... This friendship-themed tale is set in Africa. 

The Mitten... One of my favorites, about a whole bunch of woodland creatures all attempting to squeeze into a child's mitten! 

The Nutcracker... We love Nutcracker books and this one is delightful, too! 

The Snowy Nap... This sweet, cozy little hedgehog story made my girls smile. 

The Three Snow Bears... This is kind of an arctic retelling of goldilocks and my polar bear fan is delighted by it! 

Trouble with Trolls... I would never have imagined trolls fitting so nicely into an adventurous Christmas story before we read this one! 

The Wild Christmas Reindeer... We read this one every December! 

I hope you check out a Jan Brett book soon and I hope you'll let me know what you think! 

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