Friday, May 13, 2022

Historical nonfiction chapter books we love

Apollo 13... (Bookshop // Amazon

Balto and the Great Race... (Bookshop // Amazon)

Climbing Everest... (Bookshop // Amazon

The Curse of King Tut's Mummy... this one was particularly interesting to my son. This is about the excavation of King Tut's tomb, but there is also information about further back ancient Egypt to explain what's going on. (Bookshop // Amazon

Five True Dog Stories (Bookshop // Amazon) and Five True Horse Stories (Amazon)... both of these books are so much fun for animal lovers! There is also one called Nine True Dolphin Stories (Amazon) and I am always hoping to get my hands on a copy but have never been able to yet.

I Have a Dream... this Martin Luther King book is so well written and so powerful. I highly recommend this one. (Amazon

Helen Keller... this one is also very well written and Powerful. I don't even know how many Helen Keller books I have read at this point in my life but this one is particularly well done. (Bookshop // Amazon

A Horn for Louis... we love this book about Louis Armstrong's start as a musician. (Bookshop // Amazon

Magic Tree House Fact Trackers: Titanic... truthfully, I do not care for the fiction versions of the Magic Tree House books but quite a few of the fact trackers have made their way onto our shelves book lists because they are so jam-packed full of information written in great language for the third grade reading level. (Bookshop // Amazon

New Toes for Tia... I found this gem in a yard sale where they just gave it to me and I was so delighted. This is a missionary story about a little girl named Tia who had burned her toes in a fire. The missionaries helped to provide the necessary medical treatment for her and it is overall just a great look at her life and culture. (Amazon

You Choose: The Dust Bowl... I loved Choose Your Own Adventure books as a kid and this was such an awesome way 2 teach kids history! Although this is kind of fictional in that you decide which path to go down and the story is sort of written from that perspective, this is jam-packed with factual information and I think it is allowed to count as nonfiction for that reason. (Bookshop // Amazon

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