Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Mental health in Christian fiction

I like encountering deep topics in my fiction. I like to see big relationship dynamics examined, I like to see intense situations overcome, and I like to see big spiritual things happening in the hearts and minds of ordinary people. 

I loved seeing the struggle with PTSD and survivor's guilt after a train bombing in Life After. I loved seeing a sister loving and supporting her sister in need of some serious help in Stories that Bind Us. Recently I've loved seeing PTSD touch in on a marriage in Shadows in the Mind's Eye.* 

This post-WWII novel is Janyre Tromp's debut bout a soldier returning home with a whole lot of baggage and his wife's struggle and love through it all. This one was painful to read at times because I couldn't help but see Annie's devotion to her husband and her pain through his big PTSD changes but it's very worth the read! 

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“And sometimes God uses broken things to save us." 

* I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review. 


  1. I keep seeing this book pop up on Instagram- sounds like a good read.

    1. That's the way Instagram goes, eh? All the new releases at once 😊

  2. I ADORE Susie Finkbeiner's books. I'll take being listed next to her name any time :) Thank you so much for the great review.

    1. Oh thank YOU for writing such a good book!!


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