Thursday, September 1, 2022

Bookish links, September 2022

Controversy time? Should believers only read Christian novels? 

This cute bookworm mug, love the size and design! 

10 of the best books on sports and Christianity in the last ten years 

15 movies starring bookstores... I haven't seen all of these and I'm not endorsing any of them but still fun! I'd also add The Bridge, based on a Karen Kingsbury novel, though I haven't yet read/seen that one either . 

I love these arguments- 10 reasons Christians should read fiction

Fun quiz- What Classic Book Matches Your Personality And What Does It Say About You As A Person? (I got Pride and Prejudice. Im not sure I fully agree with all of the description but it's true I love my family and don't want to marry my cousin 😂) 

15 great plant-based cookbooks for spicing up your Meatless Monday 

PBS Kids has some cute ideas for a children's book party

Simple Homeschool's top 25 read-alouds 

Currently reading- Acts in my Bible // A Split in Time // Who are You and What Have You Done With my Kid? // Sunrise // The Mystery of the Periodic Table // I Guess I Haven't Learned That Yet 

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