Monday, October 10, 2022

Christian fiction by location

After I made my post on Christian fiction by year I found that I really enjoy going back to it as I'm selecting a book or reflecting on a book and I decided to do the same thing for location. Some of the books listed here are only partially set in the state they are under but it's still a fun way for me to remember. This will be another ongoing list so I still have lots more work to do. I need to branch out in my locations a bit! 

I'll start in the US and then move into international locations. 

Georgia- Aftermath // Chasing Fireflies (trigger warnings) // The Choice // Intervention (trigger warnings) 

Minnesota- All That Fills Us (trigger warnings) // One Perfect Day // The Promise of Dawn // Someday Home 

Mississippi- That Dog Won't Hunt

Montana- All That Fills Us (trigger warnings) // The Alliance (trigger warnings) 

Nebraska- One Perfect Day 

Nevada- Even Now // A Thousand Tomorrows // Unveiling the Past 

New Jersey- The Ringmaster's Wife

Wisconsin- All That Fills Us (trigger warnings) // The Haunting at Bonaventure Circus

Wyoming- Never Let Go


Afghanistan- Even Now

Belize- A Distant Shore (trigger warnings) 

Mexico- some of the Baxter Family books, starting in the Firstborn series // Remember Me (trigger warnings) 

Norway- The Promise of Dawn 

Spain- Remember Me (trigger warnings) // The Winter Rose  

Switzerland- The Witnesses

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