Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Healthy Bookworm 4

Rustic Italian Vegetable soup + a naked baked potato

Getting my mercury amalgam fillings removed the safe way at Transcend Dental (I talked more about that here)

Broccoli potato soup with pureed hemp hearts and potato for creaminess

This is just the morning half of the crazy regimen I was on for months! I am so grateful to be done with most of these now.

The Immune System Recovery Plan by Susan Blum... Such a powerful read inspiring you to not just live with autoimmune diseases but to actually heal from them! 

Epsom salt detox baths, so relaxing!

Cut up some apricots and nectarines for us all to share and gosh, so pretty!

Grow with Jo was a favorite YouTube workout channel while we had Internet at home.

The best hot sandwich (garlic, onion, mushroom, Bell pepper, cherry tomato, spinach, sprouts, and a garlicky sauce) with a berry smoothie. Perfect. 

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