Saturday, December 3, 2022

Holiday picture books all about GIVING Christmas gifts

The Berenstain Bears: The Joy of Giving... My kids are all big fans of the Berenstain Bears so this one has gotten a lot of love around here! 

Corduroy's Christmas Surprise... Corduroy is such a classic, iconic children's lit character! This is the newer illustration style and I loved how much Corduroy cares about his friends' gifts. 

Homemade Together Christmas... The whole family in this story is focused on making each other wonderful Christmas gifts. I love the sentiment! Plus, sweet piggies. 💙 

The Legend of the Christmas Cookie (Christian)... This one is about Christmas cookies rather than traditional presents but the spirit of generosity is strong here. Our copy is in The Legends of Christmas Treasury, which we love! 

The Legend of the Poinsettia... You can't go wrong with Tomie DePaola! This one is about a sweet young lady's desire to make a gift for the nativity's baby Jesus. 

The Legend of St. Nicholas (Christian)... This is about the origin of gift-giving. I've read enough variations on this story to know that everybody's got their own version but we liked this book just fine. Our copy is in The Legends of Christmas Treasury, which we love!

Let it Snow... One of my girls adores pigs and absolutely loved this precious story about two pig friends (and a cousin) coming up with the perfect Christmas gift for each other. Very sweet, lovely illustrations + feel. Her new Christmas favorite. 

Marvin's Best Christmas Present Ever... This is actually a leveled reader but my littlest loves having her big siblings read these to her and views them as picture books. This is a sweet story about Marvin wanting to make a Christmas gift that will last. 

The Santa Thief... This one is set during the depression and starts with a boy focused on wanting a specific gift. By the end he's sneaking some of his parents' belongings to upgrade them to thrifty gifts on Christmas morning. (This is where the word thief comes in. He never actually steals anything!) 

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