Monday, December 12, 2022

Middle Grade Books by Location

I love choosing books specific to a location when we're learning about or traveling to that place! Some of these books are completely set in one place and others are only partially set there. Either way, happy reading! 

🇺🇸 USA settings 

Alaska- Sweet Home Alaska (secular)

California- Echo (secular)) // Esperanza Rising (secular) // Lemons (secular) 

Colorado- Haunted Waters (Christian) 

Hawaii- Soul Surfer (Christian) 

Idaho- Running with Wolves (secular) 

Illinois- Danger on the Flying Trapeze (Christian) 

Indiana- Best Family Ever (Christian) 

Kansas- Cherokee Run (secular) // Riddle of the Prairie Bride (secular) 

Maine- Marjorie (secular) // The Sign of the Beaver (secular) 

Massachusetts- Little Women (secular) 

Michigan- American Girl: Melody (secular) // Best Family Ever (Christian) 

Minnesota- American Girl: Kirsten (secular)

New Mexico- American Girl: Josefina (secular) // American Girl: Saige (secular) 

New York- American Girl: Rebecca (secular) // Cricket in Times Square (secular) // Farmer Boy (secular) // Gone Away Lake (secular) // A Little Princess (secular) // Melissa Across the Fence (secular) // My Side of the Mountain (secular) // Stuart Little (secular) // Toliver's Secret (secular) // The Vanderbeekers of 141st Street (secular) 

Ohio- Cabin on Trouble Creek (secular) // Orphan Train Girl (secular) // Sisters in Time: Emma's Secret (Christian)

Oklahoma- Summer of the Monkeys (secular) 

Pennsylvania- American Girl: Addy (secular) // Echo (secular) // Looking for Home (Christian)

Tennessee- Lizzie by May Justus (secular) // Susie by May Justus (secular) 

Vermont- Pollyanna (Christian) // Understood Betsy (secular) 

Washington- The One and Only Ivan (secular) 

Wisconsin- Little House in the Big Woods (secular) 

🌎International settings 

Bangladesh- Rickshaw Girl (secular) 

Botswana- Precious Ramotswe (secular) 

Canada- The Adventures of Phillippe (secular) // Anne of Green Gables (secular) // Juddie (secular) // Mystery at Chilkoot Pass (secular) // Owls in the Family (secular) // The Trumpet of the Swan (secular) 

Democratic Republic of the Congo- Mpengo of the Congo (secular) 

Denmark- Winterfrost 

England- The Door in the Wall (secular) // The Railway Children (secular) // The Secret Garden (secular) 

France- Bicycle Spy (secular) // The Family Under the Bridge (secular) // Jeanne Marie and her Golden Bird (secular) // Twenty and Ten (secular) 

Germany- The Clockmaker's Son (Christian, TGTB) // (Christian) Echo (secular) // The Elephant in the Garden (secular) // A Night Divided (secular) 

Jericho- Tabitha's Travels (Christian) 

Jerusalem- Amon's Adventure (Christian) 

Korea- Seesaw Girl (secular) 

Lithuania- Words on Fire (secular) 

Malawi- The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind (secular) 

Mesopotamia- The Golden Bull (secular) 

Mexico- Esperanza Rising (secular) 

Netherlands- Hunger Winter (Christian) // Shadrach (secular) 

Newfoundland- Star in the Storm (secular) 

Norway- Snow Treasure (secular) 

Philippines- Tino and the Typhoon (secular) 

Russia- Ivan series by Myrna Grant (Christian) // The House on Walenska Street (secular) 

Sudan- A Long Walk to Water (secular) 

Switzerland- Heidi (secular) // Treasures of the Snow (Christian) 

Thailand- All Thirteen (secular) 


  1. Snow outside the window! Wonderful! And in my Siberia there was little snow, a thin layer, but yesterday it finally attacked!

    1. I picture Siberia being snow-covered every day of the year, like the arctic! I guess not 😆

  2. 😄😄😄Yes, I know that many in other countries see Siberia in this way. We have snow begins to fall in November, but first it falls and melts. By the middle or end of November, a snow cover forms. So far this year there has been little of it, but now it has begun to fall out. And the snow begins to melt in the spring, in March. In April it is gone. April and May are the time when everything blooms and blooms. And in the summer, especially in July, there is a terrible heat. In general, I live in the city of Novosibirsk, it is considered the heart of Siberia.

    1. I never imagined Siberia being hot EVER! I believe it, I suppose everywhere has at least a little bit of change with the seasons! I just have to reimagine everything now. =D


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