Sunday, January 8, 2023

Bear picture books we love

Baby Brown Bear’s Big Bellyache… This is one of the books I remember my mom reading to me and now I have fond memories of her reading it to my own children. Baby Brown Bear eats a bit too much honey on his way to the picnic and now he has a belly ache! This is a favorite for any time but I am a goofball and particularly enjoy reading it to my children when they have an upset stomach!

Baking Day at Grandma’s… This is a short and simple rhyming book that made one of my children especially happy. Especially when we read it right before baking with Grandma!

Bear series by Karma Wilson… There are many fun books in this short, simple, rhyming series. These are sweet little stories about forest animals, especially Bear, and little things they do and get into together. Favorites are Bear Gives Thanks, Bear Stays Up, Bear Feels Sick.

Goldilocks and the Three bears by Mary Engelbreit and by Jan Brett… We love both of these author-illustrators and each of their unique styles so find both of these to be fun.

Library Book for Bear… Bookstore and library books are always a hit around here so it wasn’t surprising when we loved this one!

Lisa Tawn Bergren’s God Gave Us series… These Christian picture books typically feature a polar bear family explaining a particular theme and they have all delighted us. God Gave Us the World is my personal favorite but I have loved them all.

The Little Bear… I just read this book for the first time last month and I thought it was such a perfect story for helping children work through fears! This would be especially perfect for fears in starting a new school, but I’m also big on drawing parallels for children.

Three Snow Bears… Again, we love Jan Brett! This is a fun take on the traditional Goldilocks story and it makes my snow-loving heart quite happy!

Wild About Bears… I love this nonfiction picture book about all kinds of bears and it feels extra special to me since we met Jeannie Brett in person on our trip to Bozeman, Montana. We heard her talk (and saw her on-the-fly illustrations!) and immediately bought a copy of her book, which she signed for us. 

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