Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Recent picture book finds


ðŸą Dewey's Christmas at the Library (secular)... Cute! Lovely follow-up to the first Dewey book. One of my kids adores Dewey.

🐕 Dogs: A History of Our Best Friends (secular, nonfiction)... So good! And now I really hope I meet a Tibetan Mastiff someday. All kids can enjoy the book because it has shorter snippets great for younger kiddos and longer explanations great for older/super interested kids.

🚊A Door for Me (secular)... This is a story about racism and prejudice from the viewpoint of a little boy being unwelcome because he is Black. I love his relationship with his grandpa and the nice lesson he shares.

👗 Fancy Party Gowns by Deborah Blumenthal (secular, nonfiction)... I loved learning about this fashion designer (who designed Jackie Kennedy's wedding dress) overcoming diversity odds. This was a fun one for my girl who loves sewing.

👊 Love You Always by Eileen Spinelli (secular)... Short, simple, sweet. I was surprised there wasn't mention of GOD loving you always, considering that this is a Christian publishing imprint, but it was still a sweet book.

ðŸšĢ Mississippi Going North (secular, nonfiction)... Lovely! Makes me want to get outside!

👧🏞 Queenie Farmer Had Fifteen Daughters (secular)... Cute, just a simple and silly book about a big family of sisters and their mama 💙

🐘 Soon by Timothy Knapman (secular)... This is just a fun + cute story about a mama and baby elephant out on a walk. I haven't encountered Asian elephants in quite a while so this was a nice change. African elephants are my very favorite animal but I adore Asian elephants, too.

📖 This is a Story by John Schu (secular)... A short, simple, lovely ode to reading and the hearts of readers. Set in a library. 

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