Monday, May 22, 2023

Recent Christian New Releases

Body of Proof* (Christian, nonfiction, apologetics)... apologetics are not traditionally fun books for me to read but I do think it is important for me to revisit them from time to time. I thought this one was interesting and engaging, informative without feeling weighty, and overall a good pick if you are looking for an apologetics book on Christ!

Create Anyway by Ashlee Gadd* (Christian, nonfiction)... I used to like Ashlee's blog back in the Heyday of blogging and have not followed her very well online since then but occasionally see her work here and there. I tend to view my creativity as more of a fun side activity than a necessary function to my daily life but I still overall liked this book and enjoyed reading the essay format that felt a bit like an old blog.

Domino's Tree House* (Christian, picture book)... this is such a great picture book! Mark this is kind of an allegory / metaphor and I will be embarrassingly honest and tell you that I did not pick up on it during my first read through. My 10-year-old pointed it out to me and then I of course was able to see it. It led to some great discussion so that is always a great children's book in my opinion!

A Love Letter from God* (Christian, picture book, board book)... this simple and sweet board book has a powerful message, loving and affirming words from our creator to the child. I normally bristle a bit at words that are written from the perspective of God but this one sat very well with me and we enjoyed it.

Moonlight Memories* (Christian, picture book)... this picture book was a beautiful look at grief from a child's perspective. This one in particular is focused on a little girl whose mother has passed away. I don't know that we will read this one all the time but I do think it will be a wonderful book to keep on our Shelf and revisit in times of grief / loss.

Raising Families the Jesus Way by Mary, Sarah, Sal, and Frank Garcia* (Christian, nonfiction, parenting)... such a great read! Of course not every single thing that was said felt like it directly applied to my specific family and our specific circumstances (and of course I didn't agree with everything here) but overall I would say that every chapter had at least a little something if not a big something to inspire me in my parenting Journey. I am very grateful to have read this one and immediately put it back on my shelf to read again in a couple years. 

A Song and a Prayer by Loretta Lynn* (Christian, nonfiction, devotional)... music lovers, and especially fans of Loretta lynn, will enjoy this little devotional that talks about and includes the lyrics to many songs. I am looking forward to passing this on to an aunt who loves Loretta Lynn and seeing what she thinks too

When Worry Whispers by Joyce Meyer* (Christian, picture book)... this is a great picture book for children who deal with worries and fears on a regular basis. I appreciated the message and the easy to understand way it was portrayed.

* I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Opinions are mine. 

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