Friday, October 6, 2023

Middle grade books by year

1768- The Sign of the Beaver (secular)

1775- The Runaway's Revenge (Christian)

1803- Cabin on Trouble Creek (secular)

1824- American Girl: Josefina (secular)

1832- Emma's Secret  (Christian)

1864- American Girl: Addy (secular) // Caddie Woodlawn (secular)

1888- Blizzard! (secular)

1893- Danger on the Flying Trapeze (Christian)

1907- Looking for Home (Christian)

1914- American Girl: Rebecca (secular)

1918- The Night Flyers (secular)

1925- Esperanza Rising (secular)

1929- Orphan Train Girl (secular)

1934- Flight of the Fugitives (Christian) // Sweet Home Alaska (secular)

1935- Rosa Takes a Chance (Christian)

1940- The Bicycle Spy (secular) // Snow Treasure (secular)

1944- Hunger Winter (Christian)

1961- A Night Divided (secular)

1964- American Girl: Melody (secular)

1968- One Crazy Summer (secular)

2018- All Thirteen (secular) 


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