Monday, February 19, 2024

5 things I've been loving

A bookish sticker on my reading journal! I always admire bookworm stickers but never buy them. Now I've decided to cover my book journal with them by purchasing one when we travel and find fun book stickers in bookstores along the way!

3 drops of Chill Pill oil in my laundry routine. It smells so good! I use a scentless Biokleen detergent, vinegar, and three drops of this essential oil.

Parking lot date night! One night a week we have a date in the parking lot while our kids complete an activity they all do. So nice to have an uninterrupted conversation, alone! We love this so much more than a restaurant or movie or something. Just the two of us. Perfect! 

Starting my packing list for an upcoming adventure! I love making the list and I love having what I need but I genuinely hate packing and often have tears in my eyes while I'm rushing around trying to grab everything. It's pretty great to be able to hand the list to my oldest kids who for some reason love packing. Families are so cool. When we bring all our differences together we create a more complete picture 💙 

Sarah McLachlan's version of Blackbird. I know, I know, the girl who used to have a Beatles poster on her living room wall and always wore one of multiple Beatles t-shirts to the gym... Believe it or not, I like this version better! 


  1. I was hoping you would post a picture of your journal after hearing about it on the podcast! I love the idea of collecting stickers when you travel. So fun!

    1. Oh that makes me happy lol- I am so excited to post a picture each time I get a new sticker!


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