Monday, February 12, 2024

Recent picture book reads

📚 Cody and Grandpa's Christmas Tradition (secular)... Lovely, touching Christmas story where Grandpa shares one sweet camaraderie moment from his time in Vietnam.

📚 Crafty Llama (secular)... I've been on a loom knitting kick so I was more delighted by this one than most would probably be. Fun for crafters of all kinds!

📚 Different: A Great Thing to Be (Christian)... I really liked this book! I happen to know the book is based on a young lady with Down Syndrome but its writing makes it perfect for families with children who are "different" in any way 💙

📚 I Want 100 Dogs (secular)... Short, simple, and cute. Does show an illustration where multiple dogs have pooped but the point is that it would be difficult to clean up after so many dogs and no potty jokes are made.

📚 Small Bear Lost (secular)... Sweet story about a lost teddy bear, of course a hit with my youngest.

📚 The Thanksgiving Bowl (secular)... This is a cute one to read next Thanksgiving, about a special bowl that winds up traveling a little until it ends up back where it belongs.

📚 The Tale of Gilbert Alexander Pig (secular)... Overall, pretty cute. I have a kid with a pig obsession so I've read HUNDREDS of pig books over the years. This one wasn't a very favorite but it was still fun and enjoyable.

📚 Tomorrow I'll be Kind (secular)... Love the message in this book! And the hand-lettering.

📚 You are Always Loved by Madeleine Dean (secular)... Such a powerful message in such a short and simple picture book. I especially loved the author's note in the back. The power of a mother's love is so strong! 

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