Friday, July 5, 2024

Bookish links- July 2024

I am more curious about both Amy Carmichael and Lisa Jo Baker's new book after this post

Stacy says these books will break your heart and restore your faith. 

Two Christian middle grade books I'll be previewing for my son this month: The Winter King and Evan Miller is Waking Down.

This is from last summer but- Christian fiction beach reads

A couple of homeschool resources I'm considering for this next school year: 3rd grade spelling workbook // Window on the World 

How to host a Bible study 

I have planned to make art out of this verse and another quote for years! Someday. 

For some reason I've had zero desire to read historical fiction at all lately so some of these sound perfect! I'm especially curious about The Nightmare Virus. 

I could never spend money on a Christian book subscription box... But also, I would like one 😂

We finally watched The Chosen! It lived up to the hype! Still dying to watch The Baxters. Have you watched either? 

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  1. I watched the first season of The Baxters. I liked it, but the truth is that I only read one book, the very first one, and therefore I cannot compare the series with the books. I'll start watching the second season soon.


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