Monday, February 25, 2019

5 things I’ve been loving this week…

*originally seen on Money Saving Mom

1. The movie Captive. We borrowed this one from the library having never heard of it before and Ryan and I both thought it was so good!

2. The Christian writing podcast Home Row. I always say I don’t have time to listen to podcasts and that is 100% true but I have still managed to make time for this one this week!

3. Sweet handwritten notes from my kids. B and C both like to write all the letters they know how to write and then proceed to read me these really sweet, eloquent notes (remember the episode of Little House where Laura reads “her essay” to the classroom full of parents?!). A likes to surprise us all with them so he gets no help on the spelling and that makes them so much more precious to me that if he’d gotten help. “Der Mom, Thack you for being my mom. I love you so so so so much.” he also recently wrote to one of his sisters, “I love being your bruthur” and to another, “I am so icksided for you.” <3

4. iBotta. I have heard about this grocery app for years but didn’t have a smartphone and, quite frankly, was skeptical. But for whatever reason I decided to try it in January and oh, man! I love it! I got $29 deposited into my bank account this week, literally for just buying our regular groceries!! So how it works: You sign up (if you use my link, we both get a bonus), you put in your zip code so it lets you know which retailers in your area are connected with iBotta, and you “add” deals to your account before you grocery shop (or, if you’re like me, right after). Then you scan your receipt (my cousin uses Fry’s and she just has it set up to automatically get the info through her Fry’s card instead of having to scan a receipt, even cooler!) and get cash-back rewards in your iBotta account. There are lots of name-brand and junk items but there are also a lot of health products, and some “any” deals that tend to work out great for me. My most frequently used deals are: “any receipt,” “any brand bananas,” “any brand eggs,” “any brand baby food,” (I got my usual organic brands for all three of those), Base Culture paleo pumpkin bread (Ryan’s favorite easy breakfast item), Birchbenders paleo pancake mix, Pure bars (like organic Larabars), Happy Baby baby food pouches, Plum Organics baby food pouches, Teton Ranch grass-fed beef. If you don’t buy all paleo, organic, etc. like we do you’ll get even more deals. I used mine for that money straight into my PayPal account but there are lots of gift card options too. Barnes & Noble and Amazon are the only two I for sure remember because they’re the ones I would have chosen if I hadn’t gotten PayPal.

5. Never Let Go* by Elizabeth Goddard. I am getting more and more excited about writing Christian fiction which means I’m also getting more interested in reading Christian fiction. I have really liked the last few I’ve tried and I am really liking Never Let Go this week, the first in a brand new series called Uncommon Justice. I’m reading this book about a forensic genealogist, which is super fun because I also happen to be writing about DNA genealogy after someone close to me had a super cool experience with it. This Christian suspense novel, which does have a romantic subplot, happens to take place in a place near and dear to my heart: Jackson, Wyoming! (We were just talking about Jackson again a few days before I started this book and between that conversation and this book, I am kind of dying to get our kids to Yellowstone and Jackson!!) I had never heard of Elizabeth Goddard before today (again, just really dipping my toes into the Christian fiction genre) but so far I’m happy with what I’m reading and I definitely look forward to reading some of her other works!

*I received a free copy of Never Let Go from Revell Reads in exchange for an honest review. 

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