Friday, August 7, 2020

Recent Reads

The Enneagram of Belonging*- I LOVED this book! I did LIKE the accompanying workbook but the book was perfectly strong on its own in my opinion. I learned a lot about the spiritual origins of the Enneagram and I moved a little further in my personal growth. I will forever love the way Heuertz plays with words and am so happy to have this on my shelf to refer back to!!

Gracie's Garden*- This sweet Christian children's book was a huge hit with my five-year-old. All four of my kids liked it but B adores it, has asked me to read it every day, and had me hang the poster on the door of their closet. What she likes about it: "Well, I like the garden stuff and growing and stuff. And it's a brother and sisters who are best friends. And the pictures are so pretty and sweet!"

I'm Still Here: Black Dignity in a World Made for Whiteness- This was such a great book! I have read several race education books from a secular perspective now but this was one from a Christian's perspective and I could really feel the difference. This is tied with The New Jim Crow for favorites on this subject.

Shadow in Serenity- the only other Terri Blackstock novel I've read was a suspense story. I thought this was too and had to laugh at myself when I realized it was actually a small-town Texas love story. Still, I liked it... And realized as a result that I'm much happier with certain writing styles as audio books vs paper books!

Stories That Bind Us*- This was such a good one! Set in 1960s Michigan, our protagonist is right away a breath of fresh air since she's 40 (it's so rare that I find a heroine who isn't between 25 and 35!), childless, and newly widowed. This book tackles family ties, mental health, and (very lightly) race. I really liked this one and have added her other books to my list too.

Unshackled*- This one will likely be a hair too charismatic for most of my followers but I liked it. It was a very quick read since several chunks didn't apply to me and was a good read about healing from the pasts we carry around with us, healing destructive patterns and coping mechanisms. This book talks about exorcising demons (for example, he demon of alcoholism) so if that doesn't quite align with your religious background I still recommend it, just go into it with an open mind and an awareness of that language choice.

Where is Wisdom?*- Another delightful Christian picture book, this one based on words in Job. My children are 2.5, 4, 5, and 7. They all four liked it, though of course for different reasons. The writing style, illustrations, and resulting discussion were all loved.

* I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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