Monday, July 19, 2021

Christian fiction about grandmothers and their grandaughters

I am noticing, not for the first time, my intense desire to withdraw in my sorrow. In the past I would always isolate myself, feel alone, feel sad, isolate more... It's never good. 

I'm making myself stay present with my husband and children and I'm keeping in touch with my parents and brother but anything else socially feels like such a massive drain of energy that I could sleep for 12 hours straight. 

I'm finding myself longing to curl up at night to get lost in a good book, and right now I want to read books about grandmothers and grandaughters. I haven't read any of these but it felt good to pour my focus into finding them so I wanted to extend this feeling and thought I'd put them together in a blog post to share with you. 

Bringing Maggie Home... Hazel turned her back for just a few minutes over 70 years ago-- just enough time for her baby sister to disappear forever. The secret guilt has put a wedge between Hazel and her daughter, but when they and Hazel's granddaughter all end up under the same roof, the three are forced to examine their lives and relationships. 

Echoes of Titanic... This Titanic timeslip shows us Adele's fight to survive the sinking of the Titanic and the firm she established afterwards. Kelsey, her great grandaughter, is suddenly plunged into that world when Adele's actions from that terrible April night are questioned, someone close to her is soon after found dead, and she has to pair with a man she once loved to solve the mysteries of the past and present.  

The Hideaway... Sara's grandmother (her last remaining family member) has just passed away. Sara inherits her grandmother's bed & breakfast, The Hideaway, and starts to renovate it per her grandmother's request. Sara finds a box in the attic filled with clues to a life Sara never imagined for her grandmother. 

Hope Springs... When cousins Janelle and Stephanie discover at Christmas that their grandmother is gravely ill, they decide to stay to care for her. Their stories are woven in with Becca's and this book sounds full to the brim with deep, juicy dilemmas... Reawakened feelings for a first love, life trajectory changes, racism, and healing. I loved the writing style of the other Kim Cash Tate book I read so can't wait to dive into all of that. 

A Long Time Comin'... I've talked about this one before. Evelyn comes to stay with Granny B- who recently learned she is dying- and uncovers a hidden box of old letters that forces them both to wrestle the past and present. 

The Lost Castle... This is a time slip set during WWII, the French Revolution, and modern day. Ellie sits at her grandmother's bedside to hear the family stories about and find the castle before Grandma slips further into her battle with Alzheimer's. 

After typing these all up I just feel desperately sad and suspect I won't read a grandmother book yet after all, but we'll see.  

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