Tuesday, February 15, 2022

8 great Christian nonfiction books about foster care or adoption

Adopted by Gloria Fuller... This self-published boom isn't edited to perfection but i thoroughly enjoyed reading Gloria's story about her life in Africa and her entire adoption journey. She did not have an easy journey and I'm so glad she was brave enough to share her journey with so many. It's easy to find books by mama's who are proud to have adopted, much harder to find books that detail adoption journeys from the child's perspective.  

It's Not Fair by Melanie Dale... This author has a dry, sarcastic sense of humor which isn't my favorite but I really got a lot out of her story of infertility and the children she's adopted. 

Kisses from Katie by Katie Davis... I've recommended this book a hundred times and I'll recommend it a hundred more. Katie Davis was fresh out of high school when she moved to Africa and adopted 12 little girls. Her story is inspiring and transformational. 

Love Centered Parenting by Crystal Paine... Crystal Paine talks primarily about her biological children in this book (which I really enjoyed) but she did briefly dive into their journey to becoming foster care parents. 

The Lucky Few by Heather Avis... Heather and her husband adopted a baby with Down Syndrome, then a neurotypical child, then a second baby with Down Syndrome. Their story really melted my heart. 

The Magic of Motherhood, compiled by Ashlee Gadd... This is a collection of essays on motherhood from a few different authors. Some are by biological mamas and others are by adoptive mamas. 

Strong + Kind by Lorie Robertson... This is a book by one of the women from the Duck Dynasty TV show. This book talks about parenting in a lovely way and she explains some of the adoption situations of their first adopted son (the second was not adopted until shortly after the book was written) and their pseudo-adopted daughter. 

Undone by Michelle Cushatt... This is such a moving memoir! The first half is about her cancer journey but then she and her husband take in some children and I was moved all throughout. 

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